#69: You can not get pregnant doing a sixty-nine.


You can not get pregnant if, when fooling around with your boyfriend you touch a wet spot on his jeans (that might be semen… or vaginal secretions… or spilled cola…) and then go to the bathroom and use that hand to hold the toilet paper that you wipe yourself with.

For that matter, you can also not get pregnant if, when fooling around with your boyfriend he actually ejaculates on your hand and then you go to the bathroom, pee, and hold your toilet paper in that hand while wiping yourself. Still, in that case I’d wash my hands first. Sticky. Yuck.

See the explanation from #4 for why you can not get pregnant by touching semen and then going to the bathroom. You can, of course, get pregnant from touching seamen and then going to the bathroom and having sex with them… but that’s an entirely different story.

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  1. confused says:

    i have a silly question..but the answers to the questions are they 100% ?
    like is it 100% that you cannot get pregnant this way?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    By and large these are things that are not going to get you pregnant unless a miracle occurs. I’m not going to tell you 100%, because the world is an imperfect place and I don’t want to get sued, but realistically speaking… it’s extraordinarily unlikely.

    That having been said, if you’re dead set on not getting pregnant, if it would be the end of the world for you, if you get into a panic state every time you even think about getting semen on you… those seem like signs that you may not really be ready to be having sex. Having sex means accepting risks. If those risks are unacceptable, then you should wait until you are at a point in your life when they are not.

  3. Franswaz says:

    well.. if this wont get a girl pregnant..
    how about .. if some of the guys sperm or semen.. go anywhere near her vagina .. say for example.. he ejaculated on her hips.. or ass. and the semen slipped n reached her vagina.. would that get her pregnant?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    It’s extremely unlikely. It’s not like the vagina is a giant vacuum cleaner waiting to suck up sperm. The semen has to get into her vagina and the sperm need to go through the cervix. It’s not completely impossible, but it’s not something I’d lose sleep over.

  5. Kar says:

    I swear this does not affect me personally, just curious, but could you get pregnant if i guy ejaculated on toilet paper directly before you used the restroom

  6. El says:

    What if he ejaculated on her stomach … Then she had a shower, would the sperm flow into her vagina or anything like that?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    If he ejaculated on her stomach and then she had a shower, the sperm would wash down the drain. Sperm in the general vicinity of your vagina doesn’t get you pregnant. It has to actually be inside. It won’t get there that way.

  8. nh says:

    hi.. help me with my question pls.
    i had shower together with my bf 9 days ago. no penetration sex involved. he just rubbed his penis outside of my v but i think they barely touched. then he ejaculated on my face and i had shower afterwards. today, i noticed tht my discharge contained streaks of blood and i’m not supposed to having my period this time bcos i just had my period about 19 days ago. is there chance that i might be pregnant?

  9. admin says:

    If you’re pregnant, it’s not from that.

  10. nh says:

    is there chance tht the semen might slip/ get into my v when d shower drains them off my body?

  11. definitely is exactly what I had been checking for on bing, I guess I got my answer!

  12. Richard Rodgers says:

    How about this you had just ejaculated into a tissue, then touched a phone as it rung, then gave it to your girlfriend who after the call went to the toilet, could semen have got onto the phone and then onto her hands then her vagina as she wiped herself? Or is this a stupid question of me over thinking?

  13. Elizabeth says:

    You’re over thinking. :)

  14. juline says:

    Hello, I have a question, what if you were touching your boyfriend over this boxerbriefs and there were two very small wet spots on them from his precum, then with your hand you rubbed yourself over your panties to make yourself cum. Does that pose a risk?

  15. Elizabeth says:


    I wouldn’t worry about it.

  16. kaelin says:

    haha well i came across this website while going through my own crazy pregnancy scare and this entry touched a nerve because this is exactly the stupid thing i was worried about. i am a massive worrywart and my period is a bit late. story runs: i gave my bf a handjob then wiped all the semen off with toilet paper. i then went to the bathroom, forgot to wash my hands, and started to get toilet paper to wipe with the same hand, then realized it was that hand, switched hands, and wiped. and then three days later went into panic mode because my period was late. am i worrying about nothing??

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, you’re worrying about nothing.

  18. Johnny says:

    How about if a girl gave you a partial handjob(i.e. no ejaculation, but a small amount of pre-ejaculate got on her hands) and several minutes later(3-5, I estimate) she complained of being wet so she took a tissue and wiped herself? Any risk here? Thanks in advance

  19. anonymous says:

    hi i have a question… one day my boyfriend and i were swimming and we were fooling around a little, and he ejaculated in the water, but we both had swimsuits on and everything… im pretty sure there isn’t, but is there any way possible for me to have gotten pregnant from that???

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve actually answered this question here.

  21. Lexis says:

    My bf touched his penis and then fingered me. Is it possible that I might become pregnant fron this? Please help

  22. Julian says:

    hi…what if when i got a handjob and i came in her hand and then she wiped it off with a tissue and used her phone with the same hand that she gave me a handjob with and then went to wash her hands, is there a way she could of gotten pregnant or am i just overreacting?

  23. Julian says:

    forgot to add and then like half an hour later went to use the restroom.is there a way she could’ve gotten pregnant or am i just overreacting?

  24. Leslyanne says:

    Coul I get pregnant if he ejculated on your hand and you licked it off and then went to the bathroom And touched your self but didn’t finger yourself after going to the toilet? Very anxious

  25. Anna says:

    Could you get pregnant if he came on your hand and you touched your vagina after wit the same hand and you didn’t wash it?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Could i get pregnant if i gave my bf a hand job and got cum on my stomach??

  27. J says:

    Could you get prego if your boyfriend rubs his p on your v and ejaculates without going in?

  28. AnnieM says:

    Can I get pregnant if he fingers me and rubs me over my leggings (and another layer of underwear)? I felt really wet, probably from sweat and excitement, and after I gave him a handjob over his gym shorts and noticed a stain in his crotch, as well as mine. We dry humped a little. Could I be pregnant?

  29. Pihh says:

    I know this is kind of a while after all the other comments but I really hope someone can help. Can you get pregnant from touching a guys penis (but not feeling any cum) and about an hour later after touching lots of other things with those hands and then absent mindedly touch your vagina can you get pregnant?
    I go to the dermatologist and get pregnancy tests every month for a medicine I’m taking. And I go in 9 days…so could I get pregnant from that.
    Please. I’m scared to death :(

  30. Idk says:

    My bf and I just messed around earlier on at night and well,
    I touched a wet spot on his pants while I was feeling him up.
    He brought me home and I didn’t wash my hands and I went to the bathroom
    and wiped myself. But yeah, so, it’s not possible to get pregnent from that right? I washed them right afterwards but I totally had a brain fart and should of washed ny hands first.:/

    Plus, we like to dry hump but yeah, I thought if you get sperm anywhere near ur
    vagina you could get pregneant…?

  31. sara says:

    Can I be pregnant if my boyfriend was fingering me, while I was giving him an handjob, and I had sperm on my fingers, and was rubbing his penis, and then he rubbed his pennis on my vagina , :/ im so scared please reply

  32. la_la says:

    how long can pre-cum survive on your hand if you washed it and sanitized it? If your hands are dry does that mean no EXCESS sperm is present on your hands and is it safe for you to use the restroom and hour later?

  33. worried says:

    If he cums right outside of your vagina, but not in it, can you be pregnant?

  34. Elizabeth says:

    It’s unlikely, but it is possible.

  35. Amberr says:

    Hi, if I put a pilllow between my legs and started humping it , but still had on all of my clothes. Is there any way that I might be pregnant???

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